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Proven Successful TV Formats in Sub Saharan Africa

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The Voice South Africa

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AMPN is a TV production and Branded Content company that offers both proven successful international formats, as well as newly developed formats, to Sub Saharan TV broadcasters and advertisers. AMPN turns these formats into content platforms. AMPN has successfully produced TV shows in a large number of countries in Africa and worked together with local and international operating broadcasters and advertisers. At this moment, AMPN has offices in Johannesburg, Lagos and Amsterdam.


The two founders, Harrie Linders and Arjan Pomper, have years of experience in international TV production, advertising and media. This experience is directly applicable in how they envision TV production and Branded Content. Formats can be content platforms and offer opportunities for brands. AMPN therefore cooperates with all relevant parties and links them together.

AMPN has completed many productions, such as The Voice in South Africa, Nigeria, Angola and Francophone Africa, I Love South Africa, I Love Nigeria, The Winner Is, The Sing Off and Football Legends Nigeria. For most of the productions there has been a close cooperation with a large number of (international) advertisers.

AMPN has become one of the market leaders in the industry in Sub Saharan Africa.


Our Culture

AMPN has the best TV formats, delivers market leading TV production quality and creates branded content opportunities for advertisers. By creating compelling and quality content for broadcasters as well as advertisers, AMPN has taken a market leading position in Sub Saharan Africa.


Our Portfolio

AMPN has access to the worlds’ leading formats. Formats can also be created specifically for broadcasters and advertisers. Formats in AMPN's portfolio include The Voice, I Love my Country, The Winner Is, The Wishing Tree, The Sing Off and Football Legends.

AMPN believes in content related communication planning where brands should be linked to these platforms and use the communication power of a successful TV format.

What We Do

TV Production and Content Platforms

In only a few years AMPN has taken a leading position in TV Production in Sub Saharan Africa. Not only based on the number of productions, but also based on the quality of the productions. It is the mission of AMPN to only produce TV shows of the best possible quality. No concessions.

AMPN also recognizes that audio visual content consumption is shifting from one screen to multiscreen. Content is viewed differently in terms of place, time and device. Strong TV content should also be used in all relevant media channels, in order to cover the touch points of the consumer.

This process of content planning and content management should be done carefully. AMPN assists in creating content platforms that cover all relevant channels to reach the Connected Consumer.



Printed Media


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AMPN tv formats

There is only one way of being successful in the TV production and content industry: commit to deliver only the highest quality and listen to your clients.

Black Bullet Productions

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AMPN is founder and shareholder in Black Bullet Productions (BBP). BBP is a new TV production company that produces exciting programming with locally developed and international formats. The TV content is entertaining, informative and inspiring specifically for SA’s black audience. For more information visit BBP’s website: www.blackbullet.tv



288 Kent Avenue
Ferndale, Randburg
PO Box 4546 / Dainfern 2055
South Africa

Harrie Linders
T: +27 (0)11 7912941
E: linders@ampn.tv

Keizersgracht 149
1015 CL Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Arjan Pomper
M: +31 6 464 24 990
E: pomper@ampn.tv

No. 36B Animashaun Street, Off Bode Street
Surulere, Lagos

Arjan Pomper
M: +31 6 46424990
E: pomper@ampn.tv